Wiki Category Intersection Tool

v0.4.1 (12 October 2013)

Update log

This tool can be used to find intersections (common members) between two or more categories on a wiki. As of 28 August 2013, the tool supports all language versions of wikipedia, wiktionary, wikinews, wikibooks, wikiquote, wikisource, wikiversity and wikivoyage. It also supports wikimedia commons, meta wikipedia, mediawiki wiki, species.wikimedia, wikidata and wikisource.

Just choose the wiki (and the language, if needed), input the name of the categories (separated by commas and without the namespace) and press Go!

You can change the output format before or after pressing Go! No need to Go! again to change the output format.

The tool supports parsed html output and raw wikisyntax output for use onwiki.

The tool is based on javascript and may take some time to load, depending on how large the categories are. It works by making ajax calls to the mediawiki API. Enjoy :)

Choose a Wiki:
Category List (comma separated):
Output Format:


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